A little boy and a baby enjoying Carversville, PA on a brisk Autumn Sunday afternoon!

Are you thinking about raising your family in Bucks County, PA?  I started my wonderful adventure in Carversville, PA 35 years ago.  My three children were very young when we moved from New York to historic Carversville in Solebury Township, PA.  Our walks and bike rides on the scenic roads to the towpath along the Delaware River made a forever, lasting impression with my now grown children.  As most kids, they went away to college, started their careers living here and there and now in their mid to late thirties they are coming back to raise their own families.  As a parent, you want to give everything to your kids, but it was the simple things of sharing walks, bike rides, playing in fields, getting ice cream at the general store or Dilly’s along the towpath, while teaching them lessons on history, preservation, conservation, art and nature was the most valuable gift I could have given them.  Now to see my five year old grandson riding his bicycle with his daddy while my daughter pushes the baby in the stroller on those same country roads fills my heart with pure joy.   I know my grandchildren are experiencing the joys of living in this beautiful area where the love of nature and history are respected and preserved.