Historic homes in Bucks County are beautiful to look at, but can you maintain one?

I am a lover of old houses.  I love the appearance, I love the history, I love discovering hidden treasures and most of all I love the feeling of walking into a home that is unique.  To those like me, owning an historic home is a welcome adventure!  Walls are not level, basements are damp, something always needs repairing, floors need sanding, stone walls need re-pointing, yet to the population who own these charming houses, there is a fascination and commitment with maintaining these beauties.  There’s a reason Historic homes last: They tend to be structurally sound.

But if your home needs extensive repairs, costs can add up.  I recommend caution if you want to buy an historic home that needs a lot of work but you don’t have a steady income and a good amount of money saved up. You don’t want to be caught off guard by repair or replacement costs.  Large sums of money can be poured into repairs, updates, etc. and expect the cost to be higher than the same repair on a newer house.  Don’t fool yourself when you are enchanted by a house that is loaded with history.  Do your research, ask questions, call the township, ask more questions.  Check to see if there are deed restrictions.  Ask if it’s in an historic district with restrictions on paint colors, window styles, and additions.  Get an inspection!

Old houses can come with old problems but don’t be afraid to own one.  Do your homework and if you decide to jump in with both feet, enjoy the adventure!